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Sebringville Organics Provides Organic Animal Feed For Your Farm or Back Yard

Sebringville Organics is located at 252 Huron Rd, Sebringville, Ontario and specializes in high quality, organic grain and feeds. We provide organic animal feeds to farms and backyards in Ontario. Whether you need a skid or a bag, we take pride in serving each of our customers. Our feed mill is certified organic by PRO-CERT and proudly offers Non-GMO feed options. We are always happy to create custom blends by request, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or with any special requests.

Organic animal feed offers numerous benefits to both animals and the environment. Here are some of the key advantages:

Sustainable Farming

Organic feed supports sustainable agriculture, helping to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

No Harmful Residues: Organic feed eliminates the risk of harmful chemical residues in the food chain, ensuring the health and safety of the consumers.

Improved Soil Quality

Organic feed production supports the improvement of soil health and fertility, leading to better crop yields.


Healthier Animals

Organic feed is free of harmful chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones, promoting overall health and well-being of the animals.

Better Tasting Food: Organic feed results in healthier, happier animals that produce tastier, more nutritious food products.

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Organic Feed Eliminates Many Common Problems Effecting The Health Of Animals And Quality Of Products They Produce

Both hobby farmers and large operations alike have many similar concerns. No matter what size your operation, here’s how feeding animals an organic diet can help eliminate them:

Animal Health

Farmers often worry about the health of their animals. Disease and infection are certainly at the top of the list of preventable problems animals face. Feeding them organic food can help promote overal health and reduce the risk of diseases and infections. Organic animal feed contains more nutrients and can help develop stronger immune systems in your animals.

Quality of Products

Both Hobby farmers and large operations alike should be concerned about the quality of the products they’re producing such as meat, dairy and eggs. Feeding animals organic food can improve the quality and taste of these products.

About Us

Sebringville Organics Ltd. was established in 2018, although the building was previously an organic feed mill with a history of servicing South Western Ontario. In 2018, Christopher and Debbie Keffer saw an opportunity when the previous mill was closing, to continue and expand on servicing the organic feed requirements of their neighbours in the area. Raised around farming, Chris and Debbie founded and continue to operate Sebringville Organics based on traditional rural values. You can be sure you’ll be treated right; whether you order a bag of organic feed for your backyard chickens or a substantial order for your farm.

Animals We Offer Organic Feed For:

  • Organic Chicken Feed
  • Organic Turkey Feed
  • Organic Duck Feed
  • Organic Hog Feed
  • Organic Dairy Feed
  • Organic Beef Feed
  • Organic Sheep Feed
  • Organic Goat Feed
  • Organic Horse Feed
  • Organic Rabbit Feed
  • Custom Blends By Request


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